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Bringing The Power Of Human Touch To Digital Banking.'


About Us

We operate our banking services in many countries around the world.

Greenworld Bank is a licensed and supervised digital bank providing a seamless, secure and easy-to-use bridge between digital and traditional assets. Secure, trade and manage your crypto assets, and conventional securities all in one place.

Our approach allows the client to obtain steady returns in all market conditions, while respecting the values of professionalism, transparency and safety, and through the use of innovative low risk investment techniques.


GWBank improves lifelong outcomes for children by advancing environmental health, safety, and sustainability.

We help invent & guide the future of global commerce.

Arbitrage Trading

Annuities Contracts

Grow Your Wealth

A crisis doesn't have to mean financial ruin for your investments. Here's how to make the most of a turbulent market. When markets are weak and there's a lot of negative news, it can be difficult to take a step back and look for the positives.
The pandemic and the resulting economic downturn have presented a challenge for investors. Even before the arrival of COVID-19 our inaugural Wealth Expectancy report revealed that nearly six in 10 savers would fall short of their wealth expectancy (the peak amount of wealth they expect to attain by the age of 60).
But despite the turmoil of 2020, Greenworld Bank Chief Investment Strategist believes you can still secure your financial future with a well-thought-out plan, mapped to your life goals.



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Fraud / Security

Greenworld Bank is committed to protecting your personal financial information from fraud and providing you with complete online security and privacy. We comply with all laws relating to the privacy and security of customer personal and financial information and we maintain electronic security safeguards that comply with federal regulations and security standards.


Why choose us

By focusing on building effective, long-term relationships, our collaborative process helps us identify each client’s financial priorities and goals. We then develop customized wealth management strategies to help them reach those goals.

  • Comprehensive Security

    We take a comprehensive, proactive, layered approach to IT security to ensure your bank is not breached. We maintain up-to-date tools and certified expertise in all areas related to cybersecurity, and back it up with our "No Breach Money Back Guarantee."

  • SOC 2

    We undergo regular audits to ensure our processes and policies meet or exceed industry best practices, so you know your network and data is safe.

  • Customized and Scalable Agreements

    By listening to our clients and being heavily engaged in the banking community, we have developed products and services that are specific to the banking industry. We understand that every bank or financial institution has different needs, which is why we offer scalable service plans. We form a partnership and get to know your business, so your design is customized to meet the unique needs of your bank.

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We are GWBank. Technology / Finance, in real time.

Join us as we redefine finance.

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